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Uterus Scan

Uterus Scan

Why would I need a uterus scan?

A doctor may request you have a uterus scan if you are experiencing abnormal bleeding or fibroid symptoms.

Will a uterus scan hurt?

A uterus scan will not be painful, it may be slightly uncomfortable as you will be asked to not go to the toilet , a full bladder will be required when the scan is taken place. The uterus and overies can be seen better if you have a full bladder.

How long will a uterus scan take?

A uterus scan will take approximately 15-30 minutes. The ultrasound technician will be able to check your uterus and compile a report to send to your GP to them to follow up on.

Will I experience pain after a uterus scan?

You may experience light bleeding and slight cramps afterwards but this is quite normal and nothing to worry about. The sonographer may recommend you take a couple of ibuprofen afterwards to ease the pain.

Do your research when trying to find an ultrasound clinic , read reviews, ask family and friends, they will be honest in their reviews of how the scanning clinic is, its cleaniless and how good the staff were, if they were made to feel comfortable and well looked after. This is a good and honest indication of how well you will be treated at the clinic.

There are plenty of good ultrasound clinics available that will be able to perform a uterus scan for you, you doctor may be able to recommend a good clinic also.

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