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Electronic Lockers

Electronic Lockers

Electronic Lockers are becoming more and more popular, they are a secure solution that can allow you to store and collect and drop off packages or belongings.

Electronic Lockers

Electronic Lockers enable businesses to offer various options for customers and clients, some electronic lockers even have software that involves touch screens or web software to make things even easier.

Also known as Intelligent lockers they provide accountability and control over the use of the belongings that are kept inside. The systems can record who has accessed the electronic lockers and taken the items out and put them back in.

Electronic lockers are used in many different organizations from universities and colleges for students to top-end offices for businessmen who need to store expensive laptops and mobile phones safely and securely. Some of the lockers have charging ports so that whilst the items are being stored, they can charge at the same time.

There are also drop-off and collection lockers available where you can drop off things for collection or order a parcel to got o the locker so you can collect at a convenient time.

Electronic lockers can vary in prices starting from as little as £49 up to £7500 but this obviously depends on the type of electronic locker you have and what functions you require. Speak to an experienced company that will be able to advise you on the best electronic locker that you need.

With the global pandemic currently happening and restrictions still in place, these types of lockers are proving invaluable in reducing human contact, and helping make things cleaner and having less contact, they are proving to be worth every penny.